Training is a crucial part of everyone’s life, whether for us (humans) or our pets. Training helps retain confidence, keep them super active, and strengthen them internally.

Training can be a way through which an owner can communicate with their dog. This can also help in strengthening their bond with the dog and spread positivity around. 

There are some other benefits also- training can help improve pet’s behavior, which according to people is bad behavior, but for dogs, it's normal. It's their way of exploration. For example, digging, biting stuff, licking here and there, not peeing in the washroom, etc. But all this can be handled with the help of good training.

It is possible to train a pet at any age, but the sooner you start, the better result will be. The key to successful training is Consistency. 

A lot of people come up with a question;

What should be our method of training? 

Our answer to that would be “Positive Reinforcement.” This includes rewarding your pet whenever he does something right. Rewards can be tasty food, gifting a new toy, or anything your pet likes. 

Here are some tips on how you can train your dog. These tips are for beginners, but anyone can leverage them to train their pets.

Keep Training Session Small

Now, if the pet is new to the house, he will try to explore more about the place and will be less attentive towards the training sessions. 

So initially, go slow and try to keep the session small. 

A 15-20 mins session would work. The owner can do multiple small sessions in a day but keep it brief and let the dog get used to it. Your dog will fail to grasp the training on the initial days, so be prepared. 

No one is perfect from the first day, and everyone takes time to learn.

Use Crate For House Training

We know, and if you don’t, you’ll get to know too, that training a dog is not a walk in the park. It will take a lot, your sweat and sometimes a little bit of blood also, you know- animals and their nature before they are trained.


The great way to train a dog is Crate training

It’s a training in which the pet is trained to become familiar with their crate and accept it as a safe place.

Crate training will help the pet settle in the house once your pet is settled and adjusted according to the schedule of the house. He will learn to start learning about meal hours, bedtimes, washroom breaks and, etc. 

Enroll them in Obedience Class

If it's your first pet or not, it doesn’t matter; training will not be easy. So you may want to consider going for a private trainer or subscribe to training classes. There will be a few more dogs in the training class to accompany your pet.

In those training sessions, your pet will learn some basic commands like sit, stand, come, go, how to walk, Don’t bite, etc. You’ll never go wrong with signing for obedience classes.

Don’t Get angry on Them

As we mentioned before, your furr friend is going to fail. It is going to take time. Don’t go harsh on them or get angry. A normal kid takes years even to call their parents and say, Mom & Dad. And you’re training them, it is going to take time, but if everything goes right, it’ll be worth it. 

Consult Your Veterinarian

Once you start training your pet, you must consult your vet during or before that. This person (Vet) has done studies on animals. He is the best person to take advice from, 

whether you should go for a certain type of training or not. 

Is your dog fit for the training for not? 

Should you even train your pet or not? 

Questions like this should be answered only by a professional person, in this case, it's Veterinarian.


Dog Training: Do’s & Don’ts

Things that should be done and avoided in dog training are given below. Our subject matter experts has came up with these points after a deep research on the topic.


  • Leverage meal timing- get your pet to the training before the meal so that he can pay more attention to the training and consider the meal as a reward for the training.

  • If you ever find your pet doing something extraordinary, Clap for him, appreciate and encourage your pet for it.

  • Take your pet to the same place every time for the excretion (potty). So that they can have an idea about what that place and get used to with it.

  • Reward your pet for accomplishing the tasks.


  • Don’t Use cue words more than once; dogs are smart and great at grasping commands, but when you’ll use cue words like “sit” or “run” multiple times. It will confuse them and create resistance in sharpening their listening skills.

  • Generally, dogs are very playful creatures and consider every activity- Fun. But there are some moments in their life when they feel low and don’t want to do anything. If this is the case with your pet and he is not in a mood for training, don’t pressurize him. Instead, spend time with him and try to make him happy.

  • Pet’s can not generally co-relate with the actions and consequences. So next time when you get angry with them for their actions, keep in mind, they can’t understand what you’re angry about!

  • Avoid using the crate if your pet has a bad habit of eliminating in it.

  • Hitting a pet out of anger just because he didn’t obey you is a big- NO-NO. In fact, you should work on your anger management and leave the pet in some other Safe Hands.

That’s it for this blog, we hope you find it useful and value-adding to your life. If yes, please share it with your pet-owner friends and help them in learning the best practices to train a dog.


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Written by Himanshu Tripathi

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