The resemblance in nature of humans and dogs is more than what generally people think. Everyone needs a personal site to spend their private moments. 

We are presuming you have decided to create personal space for your dog, no matter if its’ because you want to gift your dog a private space to stay and rest when you go out. Or if you were struggling with your dog being over-indulged in your personal moment. Everyone can understand, and it doesn't matter whatever is the reason, and it’s justified.

In case you’re on the edge, whether you should go for providing a space for your dog or not. Hopefully, this blog will help in getting to a conclusion.

Importance of Personal Space

Giving your furry friend their own space can bring a lot of advantages as well, which makes it even more crucial for you to provide one a particular space to hop in.

Some advantages are:

  • Giving space to the canine can make them feel secure, comfortable, and more at ease in the house.
  • If you have multiple pets, personal space can provide a retreat from an unwanted situation.
  • Trust us, when your pet is tired or frustrated, you don’t want them near a fragile environment; in these moments, their intimate space will come in handy. It will help them take out their frustration.
  • Another reason to consider creating a private space for your pet is to protect your dog's mental health. Because in the personal space, they’ll have more peace of mind.

What you’ll need to Get Started

Now when you know how important and life-changing a personal space can be for your pet. It’s time to get started, but now the main question is what things are necessary to create a personal space.

  • Personal cozy, and comfortable bed
  • If your pet is in the crate training session, you’ll need a good quality crate.
  • Attractive Bowl stocked with water and food.
  • Bowl mat to prevent your floor from getting dirty.
  • Toybox and, Of course, toys in it. Toybox will help in keeping the room clutter-free and organized.

Not so much of a fancy stuff is required; the rest is all up to the owner. 

Let's Get Started

  • The Room or Safe Space

  • The owner can start creating the space by figuring out the location. If it is going to an entire room, it's well and good. Otherwise, you can choose the space from any part of the house.


    There are certain things to keep in mind:

    • The washroom should be easily accessible from the chosen location.
    • Keep it nearby the family room, yet try less trafficked.
    • Select a  location that is away from direct sunlight.
    • Pick up the location, which is easy to supervise.
    • Pick up the area which is relatively quiet so that your pet can take a rest peacefully.
    • The space doesn’t have to be huge. Contrary to popular belief, many dogs prefer a small cozy place.

  • Safety is Priority

  • Once the location is locked, now is the time to make it safe for your four-legged friend. Of course, there is not much to do apart from regular cleaning. But if you have a tender, young, energetic pet, dog proofing the environment becomes a priority.

    Things to do to make the location dog-friendly:

    • Hide or tap down the wire nearby the location behind the furniture.
    • Eliminate the trash and replace them with dog-proof containers and cans.
    • Keep the fragile or expensive clothes, shoes, and fragile decor out of your pet's reach.
    • The owner can use a thermostat to supervise and regulate the room's temperature or location.

  • Comfortable Bed to Lay on

  • Dogs spend 40-50% of their time sleeping. No matter if your provided space for the dog is to take a rest or just to hang out, there should be good quality, comfortable bed. So that whenever they lay down on it to sleep, it does count. 

    The owner can go for a water-repellent orthopedic bed for a cozy and sound sleep. In addition to that, you can (should) add a comfortable blanket to make their sleep more relaxing. 

    We are pleased to say that our Drippet Beds are made to keep all the qualities mentioned above. CLICK HERE to check it out. 

  • All-time Food & Water Availability



    This is highly advisable to keep the food and water in a position that is easily accessible but not too close.

    Make sure the accessibility to the food and water has no obstruction at all. Change the water regularly so that your dog always has fresh and non-contaminated water to consume. 

    Here is the Pro Tip: go for the spill proof bowl to protect your pet’s space from getting dirty.

  • Infiltrate it with engaging Stuff



    Just like humans, dogs also need mental exercise as much as physical exercise. Toys not only help them in playing and chilling out but there are some interactive toys as well that challenges pets' mental abilities also. There are some puzzles and activity toys to execute and conclude that objective. 

    Provide your pets with some normal and interactive toys. Keep a few nearby them and rest in the toy chest. This will prevent the beautiful space from turning into a complete mess. 

    Once you train the dog to take the toy from the chest and then, after playing, put it back, this will help in keeping the place or room clean and organized. 

  • Supervision is Inevitable



    I know what you must be wondering, why the title is so strong?

    Well, it is because whether you keep your pets in their personal space or they share all the general spaces with you, supervision is irreplaceable in both conditions. 

    Maybe this sounds a little rough to you, but it's important to keep an eye on your pet always to prevent them from chewing something that can cause health problems, or they don’t strangle themselves in cables and, of course, avoid mishappenings. 

    That was it for this blog. We hope you find it interesting and value-adding. We tried to clear all the possible doubts related to the topic in the blog. 

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    Peace Out



    Written by Himanshu Tripathi

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