As a parent of the pet, you must always stay conscious and keep reading to make sure that you’re giving the right care to your pet. Doesn’t matter if you have a dog, cat, horse, cattle, goat, rabbit, rhinoceros, or Norbert Dragon, providing regular good care, exercise, veterinary visits is foremost to keep the pet healthy and playful. 


If you’re expecting to own a pet it’s important to be prepared before bringing that pet to the home. Initially, in the early days, it can be stressful and full of hustle. But once you will start incorporating these tips given below, it will not just help you in taking care of your pet but will ease your life also.


Consider practicing these 5 important tips and keep your beloved pet happy and healthy.

Provide Clean and Healthy Environment to Your Pet


Keeping the environment clean for your pet is important since a dirty space can cause disease or infections. A clean environment is not just beneficial to pets but to everyone, because of the covid now we all know why!.


There are certain things you can practice in your house to ensure your pet is in a clean space:


  • Provide your pet with a clean bed and its accessories. Wash your pets’ bedding on a regular basis. Try to use biodegradable detergent in cleaning and avoid phosphate to keep your fur friend healthy since it’s not good for pets' skin.
  • Always keep the litter box clean to avoid pets stepping onto dirty litter boxes. Since a dirty litter box can become a hotspot to different viruses, bacteria, and parasites. That’s why keeping the litter box clean is a crucial step.
  • Most of the people miss this part but it’s highly important and shouldn't be taken lightly. Washing the collar and keeping it clean is unavoidable. People spend a lot of money buying it but don’t usually care to periodically wash it. Pet carries it all the time and marches every, this can carry germs and bacteria so that's why it is always recommended to wash the collar periodically and keep it clean.


Periodic Veterinarian Visit

Consistent visits to the veterinarian can keep your pet living a long, healthy, and happy life. Periodic visits to a vet can help in the diagnosis of the disease early in time and can be treated before it gets complicated. Your vet can also provide you with the help needed to elevate the pets’ health and can help you in providing the important measures to take care of your pet and prevent further unwanted medical conditions.


There are some pets’ who are very good at hiding signs of illness and regular visits to the veterinary hospital can help in screening the pet and detect the disease in early-stage and treat it without any delay to extend the life of your pet and give you more time to spend together.


The vet can also give you a dietary recommendation too according to the nutritional needs of the pet based on their physical activity, age, size, etc.


Quality Food and Water Is Important


As human beings, the pet demands to attain their nutritional goal as well. Each and every pet has its own nutritional goal to meet and it can be entirely different from one another. For instance, dogs have their own nutritional goal whereas cats have their own specific nutritional goal to achieve. Not just that, required nutritional values changes with the size or age of the pet, and there are other factors also responsible for that.


Avoid table scrapping, it is not ideal for pets because some food items we eat can be unhealthy to the pet or even fatal too.


Expert advice to provide the relevant food to the pet in the right amount. We know how much you love your pet but overfeeding your pup can result in obesity which is a sign of a problem (disease). 

Please consult your veterinarian for further assistance on this.


Exercise Your Pet

Exercising your pet is the most important aspect of the owners’ responsibility towards their pet. Exercise your pet if it's the kind of pet that needs it. Pets’ don’t go to the gym unlike humans but they also need to exercise to stay healthy and active just like human beings. Exercise keeps the pet fit and in shape. Exercise prevents diseases like obesity and etc. Those pets who don’t exercise have a higher risk of the diseases like diabetes, heart disease, or even respiratory problems.


Now, if you own a pet, it's time to be a good pet owner or a responsible family member and exercise your pet. If you’re new to this, you can just start by researching the exercise suitable for your pet. You can contact your vet also for this. 


Starting when the pet is young is better but it's never too late. You can start now, after reading this. It’s more about the right way to do it. A minimum of one hour exercise is advised, if the owner doesn’t have time, they can split the time according to their convenience. Every day walk is mandatory but for locomotion-friendly pets, don’t take your goldfish for the walk. Try giving them the taste of every exercise and see what they like. 

Exercising pets will benefit the owners as well after all you will also burn some calories along with them.


Keep them under Supervision


After getting a pet, your schedule is about to take a serious turn. 

Now it will also include: 

  • Waking up in late-night to take your pet for the potty trip, 
  • Regular visits to the vet, and 
  • 24/7 supervision (most important)


It’s good if you’ve people living with you because in that case, you can distribute pets’ responsibility and the time of supervision but if not, you gotta do it all by yourself mate!


Supervision is important to keep your pet safe outside and inside of the house, that's it, that's the whole objective behind it. 

Infant puppy needs continuous observation for months since the environment is new for them. This means the owner is on the duty of supervision almost every time. If owners have some kind of problems with providing supervision all the time and they also don’t have anyone to look after the pet in their absence. In this case, they can hire a pet sitter also who can do the task on their behalf.


These tips will help you perform best practices to take care of the pet. Don’t miss any of them since they all are equally important. 


That’s it for this blog, we hope you find it useful and value-adding to your life. If yes, please share it with your pet-owner friends and help them in learning the best practices to take care of the pet.


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Written by Himanshu Tripathi

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