A Pet doesn’t just bring companionship to the house but it brings a lot of responsibility also. Our four-legged friend requires love, care, attention, and a comfortable & safe environment to live in. Getting a pet is a whole new and different experience altogether.

Generally, people take the rash decision of getting a pet without doing any pre-planning which can bring negative consequences with it. Without any planning, this pleasant experience can turn hectic and bring a lot of tension that no one wants. 

All we are indicating towards - Turning your beautiful house into a compatible, comfortable place for your new beloved member of your family before welcoming them. 

There are a lot of small things which can be altered or changed that can bring big changes in return. Let's see and know more in detail what are those changes, which can make your house a pet-friendly home. 

Get Pet-friendly Furniture

I can not put more pressure on this statement, “Invest in good quality pet-friendly furniture”. No one always keeps their pets tied up with harnesses or collars. The house you live in is not just yours but theirs too. 

They will spend time watching movies with you on your couch. They will sit on the same furniture, probably lick, scratch, or bite it. Sometimes they will leave some fur, stains on the furniture, or their odor also. So it becomes very important to have pet-proof and high-quality furniture to manage all these and many more practical problems.


Solution:  When you’re planning to buy furniture go for the one which is pet-friendly and comfortable for yourself too. Avoid certain materials like cotton, silk, tweed, velvet, jute, or any fabric that can lock or imbibe the odor, sensitive to scratches and stains. 

Instead, you can consider Leather, Outdoor Acrylic Fabric, Microfiber, Canvas, or Denim. Try avoiding light color because keeping it clean and maintaining the beauty of its color will become a nightmare for you since they are very vulnerable to stains. 

Go For Open Flooring Instead Of Carpet or Rugs

People take care of everything starting from furniture to decor, kitchen accessories, and whatnot. But what they forget is taking care of the carpets or rugs present on the floor of your living room or in any part of your house which is accessible to your pet. 


Experts highly recommend pet owners, especially to those who have pets like cats or dogs whose tendency is to bite, scratch or lick is their first instinct, to go for open flooring rather than having your floor covered with carpets or rugs. 


Why this recommendation? It is because most of the carpets or rugs present in the market are unfortunately not robust or enduring enough to tolerate pets' scratches or bites and neither they can withstand the stains or odor. That's why having open flooring is advisable when there is a pet in the house. 


If you are building a house and already have a pet, consider going for Porcelain and Ceramic tiles or you can go for Harder stones like Granite also. Avoiding marble is highly advisable.

Store Items High

We all know pets have that tendency to play with everything they get. Sometimes it can be something they are not supposed to taste, sniff or even touch. For that matter of concern, it is advised to keep the things out of their approach, somewhere high. 

These items can be medications, some kind of harmful chemicals, fragile objects like mirrors, or anything made up of glass like vases or crockery, jugs, photo frames and etc. 


It is highly advisable for pets' safety to keep the electric wires away from the approach of your pets. 

Avoid putting your lovely plants in any place which is accessible to your pet. Generally, pets don’t destroy plants but prevention is always better than cure.


When we are talking about creating a safe space for the pet let's not forget to remove all those plants despite how beautiful they are, which are dangerous for the pets. After all pets’ safety should be our first concern. 

Deep Clean

For a healthy mind and body, Hygiene is important not just for human beings only but for all the animals also. That's why doctors suggest deep cleaning of the house every month. Periodic deep cleaning of your house with a vacuum cleaner can not just help in removing all the dust collected but it will remove all the furs and danders with it. 



  • Must wipe off your pet's paw once before you are letting him/her go inside the house after wandering outside. This will help in keeping your houses’ floor free from paw marks.


  • Regular grooming can help in lessening the quantity of hairs or fur around the house. 


Pro Tip: Buy a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner that has air filtering capabilities.  

Create a Private Space


Just like every other person in the house, your pet also wants a private space for him/her self. This helps them in feeling secure and more comfortable. Whenever you’ll go out, their private space will be the space where they will spend most of their time, and it is proven. 

Giving pets a private space will be a lot more beneficial as an owner if you’ve multiple pets in the house. 


Setting up personal space for the pet is very simple. 


  • You can choose a location that is comfortable and easily accessible to your pet. 
  • Clean the location and remove all the hazards in that area such as cables, furniture, or anything that can be a hurdle to the pet or hurt them. 
  • Set up the space with some accessories like a soft bed, blankets some toys, and place an eating bowl nearby. 
  • Now the space is almost done, complete its setup by covering it from the above. Keep it open enough for your pet to get in or out easily. 

Tips to Move-in with your Beloved-Pet

There are some tips that the owner should keep in mind when planning to move in with the Pet.


  • Regularly vacuum clean the home.
  • Anti-skid tiles are best suited for pets.
  • Cover the sharp edges of the furniture. 
  • Always keep your pet under supervision when you’re home.
  • Always keep the toilet lids and dustbins closed.
  • Keep sharp objects like knives away from your pets’ reach.
  • Use blockades to prevent them from going behind appliances. 
  • Keep fragile items away from your pets’ reach.
  • Keep your laundry and shoes out of their reach.
  • Clean the water and food bowl before serving anything on it.


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Written by Himanshu Tripathi

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