Each year a lot of people become pet owners. Adopting a pet is a responsibility on its own. Having a pet is not just about buying it and the owners’ job is not done here. 

Actually, that’s where the real test begins. Here we not saying that adopting a pet is difficult but our solo intention behind saying, is that “It’s a commitment to the huge responsibility”. They can be high maintenance, loud, irritating, expensive and in certain situations “sometimes” they can be dangerous also.

Pets are like infants, they will not tell you anything. You’ll have to figure out yourself about their needs and etc and fulfill the necessary one without any delay.

If you think, you are ready to take all the responsibility then definitely go for it otherwise DON’T (as of now). As I said, pets are like Infant so for that, you need a little research, planning, and preparation. 

Why are we asking so much? 

This is because there are some common mistakes that pet owners make which can show some adverse side effects later in life that will affect both owners as well as the pet. Let’s find out what are those mistakes so that they can be rectified without any delay.

Impulsive Adoption Decision 

Every year almost 4 million shelter pets get adopted. Making a decision of getting a pet should be taken carefully and after considering every aspect of it which can include your current life and life after you’ll have the pet. 

A lot of times people buy or adopt a pet impulsively because they are beautiful, attractive, it’s a trendy thing and can become the conversations of the moments every time and everywhere.


In these cases, people just invite the pet to the house and then forget about them. Which can lead to loneliness and sadness for the pet. 


Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t get a pet:


  • If you can’t devote your time, Don’t go for the pet.
  • If you’re living within the budget, don’t get any high-maintenance pet.
  • If you get bored very easily with things or people.
  • If you are someone who travels frequently.
  • If you’re getting them because of social pressure.
  • If you’ve OCD, you should probably get those who can stay still.

Not Researching About the Adopted Pet

We plan before getting or deciding to have a baby, right? 


Then why not with the pet?


Getting a pet is no less easy than a human baby.


Owners should ideally plan firstly which pet they are thinking to get into the house. They shouldn’t go wildly to the pet store or pet shelter and look for any pet who is the cutest, most beautiful in the room and can invite compliments on your Instagram or Facebook. 


Once you’ve decided which pet you want (there can be multiple in the starting which can be filtered out later) then it’s time to choose the breed. Once the breed is finalized, time to research about them and find out which will be the most compatible pet for your lifestyle. 


Without going through the above process you’ll end up with some kind of pet that can disbalance your life and won’t be fun and beneficial as it should be.


NOT considering Pet as “An Animal”

When we say, getting a pet is a huge responsibility, what we mean is that it requires a lot of attention and care. Pets are like children, they can’t tell you when they are hungry or thirsty and when there is something that is troubling them or basically can’t share anything. 


Here the owner is advised to consider their pet more as an animal and less as a family member. 

He is asked to be attentive and keen to know about what their pet is feeling because that’s only how they’ll know. There is no problem in calling your pet, a member of your family but deep inside you know they are animals too and their lifestyle is completely different from humans.


If they are doing something wrong don’t ignore it thinking they will grow out of it otherwise there are a lot of chances where the situation can get worse with time. Take important measures for your pet’s wrongdoings as soon as possible.

Lack Of Supervision

People are advised to drop the thought of getting pets in the Pet Shelters if they don’t have sufficient time to look after their pets. Since pets are not just part of your family but they are animals too and require a little more time, effort, and a lot of care. If owners fail to provide any of the above, the relationship can turn unpleasant, sour and the distance between both owner and pet may increase. 


To avoid all of these circumstances, it is recommended to spend enough time with your beloved pet and try to create an emotional connection with them.

Ignoring Exercise or Training


We know how important health is in general. Same as humans, Everyday exercise is important for pets also. Doing exercise every day is very important since it can help in the muscular and skeletal development of growing animals.


Lack of exercise in pets’ life can invite some adverse health problems like obesity, weak metabolism, behavioral problems, malfunctioning of basic sensory organs, and this all can lead to a sedentary lifestyle.


Expert advice to start taking the pets for exercise in their early phase of life because once the sedentary phase is obtained by the pet, it will be difficult to change it later in their life. 

Avoiding Veterinarian

Are you that kind of pet owner who takes their beloved pet to the veterinarian only when the pet is sick?


If yes then it’s not a healthy way to treat your pet. But worry not, you’re not alone in this. I’ve seen a lot of pet owners doing the same things. 


Why do people avoid taking pets to veterinarians?


Most people avoid taking their pets to the vet because:

  • It’s expensive
  • They consider “regular checkups” irrelevant
  • Its Time consuming 
  • It’s inconvenient


Taking your pet to the Vet for regular check-ups can be a good turning point for your pet’s health. 


Pets can’t tell you if they are going through some health problems but your Vet can. Routine health checkups can help your pet diagnose the underlying disease and can be treated in the early phase of it.


Regular check-ups of your pet can develop a good relationship between the Vet and your pet. This can help the Vet treat your pet faster and minimize the possibility of your pet getting sick again.

Thank you for staying by. May this information helps you and your pet in one way or another. DripPet is on the mission to educate at least 100k people about Pets through the knowledge our subject matter specialists have acquired over a long period of time.

Written by Himanshu Tripathi

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