Just heard that you’re planning to get a pet for yourself. If it's correct, It's a great news and we are very happy for you. We always say through our blogs and our social media platforms that “Getting a pet is one of a kind experience that one should definitely have once in their life”.

But, Do you know getting a pet doesn't mean just buying or adopting a pet? 

This shouldn’t be any sort of impulsive decision. There are a lot of things that need to be planned before owning a pet.

For Example, 

  • Have you thought about what's your daily routine is going to look like once you’ll have a pet? 
  • How will you be able to manage the responsibility of your pet and your work, without ruining any of them?
  • How much money it's going to take to actually afford a pet since it's not just about buying one.
  • Have you thought about the research that goes into it, just to determine which breed is compatible with your lifestyle?

The major question here is, are you actually prepared to own a pet or not? 

To get the answers to these crucial questions and know if you’re ready to get a pet. 

We’ve mentioned 6 important signs below with the help of which you can understand if you’re ready to get a pet and then you can make the decision accordingly.

  • You’ve Time for your Pet
  • If you’ve got a packed daily schedule and you’re question is should I get a pet. Then our answer would be “maybe not”.


    Bringing a pet home is a massive commitment of time and care. Having time and Devoting it to your pet are two different things. 

    Spending adequate time with your pet is a very important aspect of getting a pet. Not just that, it's important to teach the pet about house rules, help him socialize, and give the pet an ample amount of daily walks and required training sessions.

    Not just that, the owner will need to visit the veteran periodically. 


    These things and a few more, all are time-consuming and hectic in themselves. If you can not commit to all these things, our suggestion for you would be to reconsider thinking about getting a pet. 


  • You’re financially Stable
  • Getting a pet is expensive. They may not need 60k-100k for college tuition fees. But taking care of a pet and fulfilling the necessities of the pet isn't cheap.

    The owner will need to do complete budgeting before giving the thought of getting a pet some wings to fly. Because without pre-planning or budgeting you’ll land with a heavy pet-care bill by the end of the month.


    Make sure to do the advance budgeting for basic supplies, spaying or neutering, vet visits, unanticipated emergencies. Getting pet health insurance is always a good idea for out of the blue health emergency.


  • You’ve No Plans to Move to Another City
  • Are you a frequent traveler? Or do you migrate to different cities very often? If yes, then mate you need to re-think about bringing a pet to your house. 


    Moving is stressful not just for social animals but for actual animals also. 

    For some pets, relocating can be a great change in the lifestyle but for some pets, it can be traumatic as well.

    There are some pets like dogs, they are territorial, any disturbance in their territory can make them uncomfortable.


    That's why it is advised to make up your mind before thinking about getting a pet. You can not move or travel with your pet is a myth, there are strategies through which your pet can become a travel-friendly organism and trigger their wanderlust gene. A blog for that is coming up soon.


  • You’ve done your Research

    We got it, you’re sentimental. Pet flatters you. You love pets, and now that you’re determined of getting a pet. 

    Have you decided, which pet you are planning to bring to your home? 

    And if yes, then which breed?

    Is that breed compatible with your lifestyle? And if not then, are you committing to change your lifestyle according to them?

    Have you talked about this to a vet or researched about the training required? 

    Will you be able to afford the pet you’ve chosen?


    Have you got all these questions figured out? If not, then we would highly recommend you to firstly get all the questions answered. Then think about bringing a pet into your house.


  • Everyone Else is Ready for the decision of getting a Pet
  • If you live with roommates or share a roof with your family, then it becomes very important to get their consent as well. Since it is going to be a collective responsibility. 

    Make sure you have “that conversation” with them where you’ll have shared your point of view on getting a dog. 

    Maybe everyone can talk about their problems with this change and get it resolved then and there. So that everyone is on board with this idea and welcomes the new incredible member of the family with open hands.

    This can be an ideal time to decide and divide responsibilities as well since I mentioned above that responsibility of taking care of the pet is going to ask collective participation. 

  • You live in a Pet-Friendly Community
  • This is another most important aspect which you need to take a look into, make sure you live in a neighborhood that is pet friendly. Because when you own a pet, it should be a priority to find a pet-friendly community nearby. 


    Not all communities are pet-friendly, where they will let you keep the pet but restrict pets’ locomotion in the open public area and this can be suffocating to the pet since he or she has to always stay inside the house or apartment.


    Take your time on this and research the area or the community where you and your pet is going to accommodate.


    Staying in a pet-friendly community has one very crucial advantage, i.e. your pet will get the chance to socialize and nurture him or herself.


    Note: While searching for the society, don’t forget to check if it's spacious and has proper security for the pets. 


    When you have figured out all these parts given above then you can call yourself qualified to take the decision of getting a pet. Otherwise, your lifes’ journey with the pet which you’re planning to start with a allot of positive expectations can turn into a hectic and stressful regret. 


    That was it for this blog. We hope you find it interesting and value-adding We’ll be back with another pet blog. Till then please stay connected. 


    Thank you for staying by.

    Written by Himanshu Tripathi

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    A Pet doesn’t just bring companionship to the house but it brings a lot of responsibility also. Our four-legged friend requires love, care, attention, and a comfortable & safe environment to live in. Getting a pet is a whole new and different experience altogether.

    Generally, people take the rash decision of getting a pet without doing any pre-planning which can bring negative consequences with it. Without any planning, this pleasant experience can turn hectic and bring a lot of tension that no one wants. 

    All we are indicating towards - Turning your beautiful house into a compatible, comfortable place for your new beloved member of your family before welcoming them.

    5 Tips- How to Take care of Your Pet

    If you’re expecting to own a pet it’s important to be prepared before bringing that pet to the home. Initially, in the early days, it can be stressful and full of hustle. But once you will start incorporating these tips given below, it will not just help you in taking care of your pet but will ease your life also.

    Consider practicing these 5 important tips and keep your beloved pet happy and healthy.

    These tips includes: 

    Provide Clean and Healthy Environment to Your Pet

    Periodic Veterinarian Visit

    Quality Food and Water Is Important

    Exercise Your Pet

    Keep them under Supervision

    Visit the blog to learn everything about this in detail. 

    we hope you find it useful and value-adding to your life.