When it comes to doing what is best for our dog, from where else can we start other than collars and harnesses.

Buying collars or harnesses can be confusing. Don’t worry you’re not alone in this. With proper guidance from a subject matter expert, you can ace this skill also. Here we have explained dogs' collars and harnesses with their pros and cons. Let us begin the fun pawducation (edu.).

Dogs Collar

A Collar dog is a piece of material that people use to put around their pet’s neck. It is useful in holding the pet during training or normally also and to keep them safe.

Collars are important for your pet since they support your pet all the time that's why it becomes one of the most important accessories for your pet. They look fashionable also.

Dog Collars looks like an effortless purchase but in reality, the story is something different and trickier. Trickier is only if you are keenly interested in your four-legged friend's comfort and its safety. It should be the owner's responsibility to take care of their pet’s wardrobe stuff or daily wearable essentials.

The number one motive behind getting a collar is TO KEEP YOUR PET SAFE.

Collars are available in almost all colors and sizes. Not just that, they are available in check print, neon and you can also get a fluorescent collar for the night in the market. 

DripPet has an exciting range of collars for dogs that are not just beautiful but comfortable also. They are specially made by putting all dogs in respect click here for the best buy link. 

Enough about the collars let's talk about some pros and cons of collars and lastly, we’ll discuss, should you consider it for your pet or not!

Pros and Cons


  1. Collars are easy to keep profile tags that contain identity and vaccination information.
  2. They are available in a variety of materials, sizes, or colors. 
  3. Collars are easy to put on and are taking off.
  4. They are convenient and can be left on all the time.
  5. Collars are the best options if better control and a good grip are the priority.
  6. They are inexpensive and easily available everywhere. Collars and traditional and widely used earlier.


  1. They are discomforting and can often cause back pain or throat injury to your pet since all the force is eventually on the neck and throat.
  2. Dogs should avoid using collars in case they have had a history of having glaucoma, neck injury or spinal malformations, etc.
  3. Owners should avoid using collars for the breeds like Maltese, Toy Poodle, Boston Terriers, Pugs, etc.
  4. If the collar is tight it can be painful and sometimes can lead to a reduction in the airflow intake.

Dogs Harness

For those, who don’t know, Harness is a type of equipment that surrounds the dog’s torso. Experts use it personally and highly recommend it, especially for delicate dogs because it diverts their pulling power from the neck to larger parts of the body and prevents dogs from getting hurt on the throat.

Initially, it was used to lift those dogs who are incapable of walking on flat surfaces but nowadays it is gradually becoming a new norm. Check out the DripPets harness collection (Critically-acclaimed, best in the mark ). 

Collars and leashes are not recommended for small pets since they can not just hurt their throat but can damage the thyroid, esophagus, and trachea. In fact, sometimes it can ruin a dog’s alignment also. The most important reason to consider a harness for your pet can be because it diverts the pressure from the throat to the large and strong parts of the body. 

This is not correct that one harness can be suitable for every type of dog. Harnesses are developed according to dogs, which means there will be different harnesses for different kinds of dogs. Some harnesses are designed very badly that they consist of more demerits than merits. That's why it is advised to research before buying anything for your pet. We will soon come up with a blog from which you can educate yourself about, how to choose the perfect harness for your pet?

Enough about harness, everyone knows that there is nothing ideal in this universe everything comes with some fallbacks. So let's find out some merits and demerits of the Harness.

Pros and Cons


  1. With the triggering stimuli, handling or maintaining control over the pets becomes difficult with the collar or leash. Here comes the harness, it provides more control to owners over pets.
  2. It is advised to not fasten the collar or leash tightly because it can hurt the pet, that is why harnesses are highly recommended for delicate pets because it surrounds the dog’s torso instead of the neck. 
  3. Throat and Trachea injury can be prevented just by the substituting collars with a harness. 
  4. It is difficult to escape since it is not just around the neck of the dog but sounding the almost full body. 


  1. Some dogs feel uncomfortable wearing it so it becomes a struggle in itself, making them feel comfortable with it.
  2. Harnesses are just not made for long fur pets. Because every time long fur pets fasten it, hairs get tangled with the harness and become very uncomfortable for the pets and sometimes painful also.
  3. It is complicated and difficult to fasten the Harness in comparison to the collars and leashes.

Conclusion - Which one is best for your Pet? 

Since everything is crystal clear and every aspect of collar vs harness is well explained above. Now that brings us to a question, which one is the best fit for our pet?

Well, there is no “one type fits for all” product, available in the market for pets. The requirements of Every pet are different and according to those requirements, the product varies. Firstly, know your pet and its requirements and then purchase products for them accordingly. 

Out of collars and harnesses, harnesses are mostly suggested by the experts for the walking dogs because of their relatively safer nature, rest is up to the dog and its requirements. Don’t go making an uneducated decision because after all he/she is also a part of our family taking care of them is our primary responsibility.

Written by Himanshu Tripathi

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