First thing first, festival, occasion or any moment of celebration is not just bound to humans only. Pets are a vital part of our lives and they deserve participation in every cheerful moment of our life too. Think about it, it is less about “the person” that makes you happy and more about “who” makes you happy, alive, create and maintain the positive vibe around you all the time. Who else it would be other than the pet?

Now that it’s determined, pets deserve no less attention than any other human. It’s time to find out some special gifts for your pet that make them happy. Valentines Day week has arrived. Everyone is in the dilemma with a lot of ‘what’ and ‘how’. This happens on every occasion, festival, or moment of celebration that arrives.

Worry not! Drippet has got your back.

We have researched and found out top 7 gifts for your pet for this valentines day along with the things to keep in mind while buying anything for your pet.

Things to keep in mind before buying any Gift for a pet

15 years back I got my first pet, it was a dog gifted by my parents. I didn’t realize when that dog came into my life and became my life. Having a pet is one of a kind experience that everyone should have once in their life. Bringing a pet home also brings some responsibility. They become an important member of your family and since they are pets, everyone needs to be extra careful with them. Because they can not tell you their wishes, problems, feelings, or opinions. We’ve mentioned some that you can consider while buying anything for your pet. - -

  • Try to know your pet first

In some cases, pet owners end up buying something which is not compatible with their pets’ skin. In these cases, sometimes pets get allergies or rashes in their skins. So it becomes very important to have a clear understanding of your pet.

  • Quality of the product

Someone once said, “high-quality product pays big times reliability returns ”. Going for high-quality material is very important because bad quality stuff can put your beloveds’ life at stake. I’m sure no one wants to take risks by putting their beloved fur friends’ life at stake.

  • Avoid Plastic Products

Because, Duh!

Top 10 Valentines gift for your Pet

This is a well-researched list of items that a pet owner or generally people can consider on this valentines day for your pet.

1. Warm Sweater

The first thing that we can not miss including in this list is Sweater. A cozy, warm, comfortable sweater that is made up of breathable material. The warm sweater can be one of the best gifts for your pet this valentines day. Gift your pet one and bless them with a luxurious cold sleep.

*Note: It’s important to keep the quality of the sweater in mind while buying it. The material should be breathable and lightweight.

Buy link: Pet Sweater


2. Get a new mate for your pet

People can consider adopting another pet. This will keep your pet active and happy. They both will stay busy on their own and not going to disturb you when you’re in DO NOT DISTURB mode.

Note: Experts recommend adopting another pet of the opposite sex. To minimize the siblings’ competition.


3. Favorite Food

This valentines day, surprise your dog by cooking something that your pet enjoys eating. No one can ever go wrong with giving a treat. This is definitely going to make your pet happier than usual.


4. Bow Tie

Bow ties or bow ties collars are cute, trendy, and a perfect gift material for your pet. People can consider them for this valentines day. They are festive and your pet can wear them anywhere because of their versatile look.

*Note: Try going for the bow ties that have a comfortable and soft strap so that it doesn’t hinder head movement.

Best Buy Link: Bow Tie


5. New Comfortable bed

Your pets’ activity throughout the day depends on how much they spend time having a cold sleep. You can gift your pet a new luxurious, comfortable bed this year on valentines day. The bed should be soft and doctors recommended for better sound sleep. This gift can be a turning point concerning the energy of your pet.

*Note: Consider checking out your pets’ age and weight before buying any bed. Buy the bed slightly bigger than required to be in a safe place.

Best Buy Link: Pets’ Bed


6. Personalized Pet Bowl

The high-quality ceramic or steel personalized pet bowl with pets’ names imprinted on it can instantly bring a smile to your pets’ face. That’s why this option could be one of the finest gifts for your pet this year on valentines day.

*Note: Avoid going for very plastic bowls since they are neither healthy nor environment friendly.

7. Toys

Keep your beloved pet busy and entertained by gifting them some new toys. Toys that are soft and snuggle-friendly that your pet can hug when they are missing you and you’re not home. There are multiple types of toys for example chew toys, fetch toys, rope toys, soft stuffed toys, etc. These toys are available for their specific objectives. You can buy them according to your requirement.

*Note: Toys should be machine-stitched and not with some adhesive glue or anything of that sort for its longevity. AVOID PLASTIC TOYS.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs

This was all about the things you can take into consideration while going shopping for your pet on this valentines day. Pets supported our lives in a way that no one could ever do. We should treat them well and never miss any chance to make them happy because it’s the least we can do for those who have brought wonders to our lives. Make sure things are of good quality and durable (long-lasting).

It is not always required to spend money in order to make anyone happy whether it is human or pets. Sometimes spending time with your beloved ones or just cuddling with them can be more than enough and has its own magic.

Written by Himanshu Tripathi

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