Smart iBall

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Color: Grey

Made with love:  your feline friend's unlimited entertainment!
The Cheerble cat ball is a hands-free, 100% automated pet toy that bounces, rolls, and rattles about the house to keep your cat active and entertained whether you're at home or away. When its sensors detect touch with your cat's paws or the chair, this interactive cat toy moves away.

This interactive cat toy moves through cycles of play and rest. It will roll, rock, and shake for 10 minutes, then rest for 30. If the ball detects touch during the rest period, it will reactivate. This cycle continues until the battery dies

  •  No worries when Cheerble Ball goes under the couch, it can always find a way out just like a robotic vacuum cleaner.
  •  Adopt the principle of automatic obstacle avoidance sensors, no worries about getting stuck.
  • New “gentle” mode for Cheerble Ball, fewer noises on the wood floor.
  •  Friendly for wood floor, easy playing on the carpet even on the rug.
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