Are you tired of leaving your pet alone?

Do you find your shoes chewed up, carpets and pillows ripped?

Or are you concerned about your pet's mental health due to leaving him/her alone? 

These type of fear haunts every one of us. Some breeds are born to stay busy but some can get bored very easily. A bored pet can become naughty and cause mischief which might include destroying things, excessive barking, etc. to channel their energy. 
If you think your ordinary toys can make them stay engaged. Well, think again. There is only so much ordinary pet toys can do or keep your canine engaged. So the question here is how to keep your son or daughter engaged when you’re not home or they are alone, feeling sad.
Well, the answer is, Interactive Toys. 
In this blog post, we will be knowing about Interactive toys, types of interactive toys, and their benefits. Later we will see some of the interactive toys which are famous, most selling, and useful interactive toys followed up with some safety measurements.


What are Interactive Pet Toys?

Interactive toys are not like your other ordinary toys. They are a combination of toys like treat dispensers, chew toys, bouncy balls, and fetch and tug toys. They are ideal for those pets who are left alone in the house for long hours after everyone leaves. These toys are heavy-duty and can take a lot of force to rip apart or destroy. Interactive toys are operated under the battery. One full charge can give up to 8 hours of life or even more. 

They are a great way to keep your pet engaged and don’t usually require a lot of supervision after when you’re boy is used to it. These smart toys are compatible with almost every type of pet, can keep them engage, and provide them a mindful interactive playtime. 

Drippet Boutique- Interactive Toys

Never buy Interactive toys impulsively. Whenever you go to get an interactive toy for your canine do keep your pet’s strength, sharpness of teeth and claws, and body temperature into consideration. 

Drippet suggests you to look for interactive toys in both online and offline places, preferably online, and then choose wisely according to your pet. Under experts' recommendations, we have picked and brought some interactive toys which can help your pet in keeping occupied, provide mental stimulation and combat boredom, satisfy his/her natural instincts, and make mealtime more fun. 

Here is a list of three interactive toys:

1. Wicked Ball

The Cheerble Wicked Ball Dog Toy is designed with interactive moving features that stimulate your furbaby’s natural playful instincts. Give your canine the ruff-housing physical activity he craves—even when you aren’t around to play fetch!

Key Features: 

  • Self-moving and interactive play that keeps your pup chasing this ball all day.
  • It has three level of interactions that matches your pet's energy and help them stay engaged throughout the day.
  • A built-in collision sensor to avoid obstacles around the home
  • Durable- pet's biting, gnawing & scratching
  • A rechargeable battery with  1-hour charge keeps your pup engaged for 8 fun-filled hours
  • Intelligent Companion mode- 10-minute play and 30-minute rest cycles

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2. Wicked Bone

World-first smart, interactive toy for your pet. This is the best indoor game for your pet and is very easy to use. Users just need to download the wicked bone app and connect it with wicked bone via Bluetooth. Now users can fully operate it and play with it like a video game.


  • Nine preset motions for your pets to keep them engaged and entertained. 
  • Can be used indoors and outdoor. 
  • Touch responsive
  • After charging- 40 mins of drive mode and ~4 hours of interactive mode
  • Easy to maintain and assemble. 
  • USB charging
  • Lightweight
  • Replaceable Tire sets

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3. Cheerble Ball 

The Cheerble Ball- Cat Toy is designed with interactive moving features that stimulate your cat’s natural chasing instincts. It rolls automatically as soon as it's touched with a nose or paw. 

No apps and no controls are needed. With three levels to choose from, this magic ball rolls and bounces actively. Just need to push the button to choose between normal, gentle, or active modes. 


  • Automatic intelligent companion for cat
  • Three built-in interactive modes
  • An intelligent mode with 10 minutes of active play followed by 30 minutes of rest.
  • Built-in collision sensor to avoid obstacles around the home
  • Durable plus heavy-duty
  • USB charging available

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5 Benefits of Interactive Toys

  • Occupy your lonely pet

Ideally, you shouldn’t leave your pet in the house alone because that makes them sad and sometimes mad as well. These interactive toys will help them stay engaged, elevate boredom, and might help in getting rid of distancing anxiety. These toys are great to spend several hours alone. 

  • Exercise

These smart interactive toys can help exercise your pet as well. Since these interactive toys are generally locomoting toys this means these toys move around your house or outdoors and your pet is going to follow them. All this cardio exercise will help your dog in staying fit physically. 

  • Stress Relieving

When pets will stay engaged it is less likely that they will go after destroying things around the house due to loneliness, stressed, and anxious behavior. 

  • Helps In Slow down Eating

There are some types of food dispensing interactive toys which can be useful to those owners whose pets inhale their food before or while eating. These smart toys can help your pet eat slowly which is the only solution to this problem. 

  • Provide A job

If your pets won’t have their job, they will find their own which can be a little damaging (literally) to you and your house. So it is better to assign them some work to do, which in this case can be playing and investing most of their time with the smart interactive pet toys.

Safety Measures:

  • Generally, it's not important to look after your pets and stay available all the time while they are playing with these smart toys. But during the initial days, it is quite important to supervise. 
  • These toys are an addition to your pet's lifestyle to make your and your pet’s life easy, healthy, and not a substitution for their daily exercise. 
  • Go for safe, high-quality, durable smart toys since most of the time it is going to be in your pet's mouth. 

That’s it for this blog, we hope you find it useful and value-adding. If yes, please share it with your pet-owner friends and help them in knowing more about interactive toys and how they can take advantage of them.

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Written by Himanshu Tripathi

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