If you are planning a picnic with your dog this summer, plan a day on the beach and take your pup along. There are many places where dogs are welcome, and you can find designated dog swim spots at many lakes. Don't forget to bring enough water for your pup to drink and a dog-safe sunscreen. Then get out and enjoy the summer weather with your dog! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Plan a picnic

One of the great summer traditions is planning a picnic with your dog. Taking your pet along can be a disaster, though. After all, your dog can get into your food, and that's never a good idea! Here are some tips to make your picnic with your dog a success. First, plan ahead. Pack all of your dog's favourite dog treats. This way, he won't have to wait in the car for you to finish your meal.

Choose a park that allows dogs, and remember to put them on leashes. Many gardens require leashes to keep them safe, so make sure your dog has an ID tag. Take a recent picture of your dog and keep it with you for easy identification. If possible, pack a dog bed or blanket so your dog has some shade to rest in. Remember, leash laws are a great way to keep your picnic safe and your dog happy!


Take Your Dog to the Beach


There are several tips that you need to consider before taking your dog to the beach during the summer. If you live in an area with rough waters, it is wise to avoid the beach during these times. To avoid danger, it is essential that you keep your dog on a leash. When setting up, check for any sharp objects in the sand. Also, be sure to keep plenty of doggie poop bags on hand.

Besides bringing suitable toys, you should also take some of your dog's favorite treats. These can keep them busy during their rest time. Additionally, don't forget to bring an extra towel with you. If you're going to a sandy beach, make sure to wipe your dog with a towel afterwards. Sand can be harsh on your dog's skin and even get onto the furniture!


Go on a hike

Go on a hike with your dog in the summer to cool off. Heat and humidity can make it difficult for humans to stay hydrated during the summer, so make sure you pack plenty of water for you and your dog. Bring a collapsible dish with water for your dog to drink. Take frequent water breaks. If your dog doesn't like drinking a lot of water, you can add hot dog slices to his water to make it more exciting.

Always check your dog's body for parasites, especially in the neck, belly, and ears. Check for ticks and fleas with a fine-toothed comb. Also, look for weeds. Many foxtails live in your dog's neck and head. If you notice any of these, be sure to remove them immediately. Ticks carry Lyme disease, and hitchhikers can make your dog ill.


Go on a bike ride

Before you start biking with your dog, it's essential to evaluate whether the activity is suitable. Choosing low-traffic bike paths is best, as weekdays and holidays are busy times. Then, start slowly by taking shorter distances, increasing the distance only if your dog has the endurance to continue riding. Make sure to teach your dog some cues so that you can easily understand when it needs to stop for a break or attention.

When introducing your dog to the activity, you must practice various biking commands, such as slowing down, turning left, and stopping. It is essential to use specific commands for your dog, rather than using common ones, to make the experience more enjoyable for both of you. Lastly, you should use praise and often treats to reward the dog for following the command. Make sure you're patient and consistent with your dog's training.

While biking with your dog in the summer months, be aware of their heat and endurance. Since the pavement temperature is hotter than the air temperature, your dog may become overexerted, so you should take short breaks to keep them hydrated. If you are unsure how far your dog can handle, invest in a unique leash for biking with your dog. A special leash will keep the dog harness securely attached to the bike while maintaining a safe distance from them.


Play in the water

If you'd like to spend more time outside, you can play in the water with your dog this summer. Many land games are also suitable for water. For example, fetching a toy is just as fun in the water. Floating toys like Fire Fetch Hose are also a great choice. These toys are easy to spot, with bright colors and double-stitched seams. Toys such as Floaties are also a fun option.

You can use a garden hose, sprinkler, or kiddie pool for a truly unique water game. Aside from water toys, you can also buy a kiddie pool and a portable sprinkler, which you can attach to your garden hose. Be sure to supervise your dog while playing, as they can get a little too excited and attack the sprinklers.

Even if your dog doesn't like swimming, chances are he'll love a few games involving the water. A popular game involves placing treats inside plastic balls, which your dog has to try to catch them. When he succeeds, reward him with a tasty treat! If you don't have a lake or pool nearby, you can play with sprinklers or hoses to keep your dog active and calm.


Visit a farmer's market


Visiting a farmer's market with your dog can be an enjoyable way to get fresh and healthy local produce. Many markets are dog-friendly but check with your local market to find out what rules apply. Many markets are a great way to spend an afternoon and pick up some locally made crafts or food. Dogs are generally welcome and may even be allowed to join you in your shopping!


If you're looking for a local market in Denver, check out the South Pearl Street Farmers Market. This market is held on the 1500 block of Old South Pearl Street between Iowa Avenue and Florida Ave. and is a weekly event. The Pope Farms booth features chilis fresh from the oven. Ela Family Farms offers juicy Colorado peaches. You can also visit the Colorado Peach Festival to see how peaches grow and how they are made.


Watch a movie


Watching a movie with your dog has a lot of benefits in it, and you can enjoy a relaxing evening with your furry friend. A summer movie night is a perfect opportunity to bond over a good film. If you and your dog share a love of dogs, you should create a list of movies that revolve around dogs and play them out on your patio or outside on a projector. Kids love to watch animated movies because they teach them about the compassion and love for others.

The drive-in theatres can be crowded places, particularly on the weekends. Make sure your dog is used to large crowds and isn't a guard dog, which can keep others from moving. Most drive-ins allow dogs on a leash, and some even let them sit on blankets on the lawn. Most drive-in theatres ask that dog owners keep their dogs away from the concession stand and play areas in front of the screen. The farthest corner of the property is generally designated for potty breaks.


Run through a sprinkler


Running through a sprinkler with your dog in the summer is a fun activity for you and your pup. If you're lucky enough to have a yard, you're likely to have a kiddie pool or dog bowl where your dog can cool off. Ensure fresh water when you're out and about, and always supervise your pup. Some restaurants let pet owners take their pets on their patios and outside areas during hot weather, so make sure you bring plenty of water.


The summer months are long, but there's still plenty of time for outdoor activities. Summer is an excellent time for dog-friendly beach trips, exploring the great outdoors with your pet, and discovering new smells and sounds. If you can find a dog beach, the whole family can enjoy a swim. Check the local dog beach for water parks and dog beaches if you live in a hot climate.

That’s it for this blog, we hope you find it useful and value-adding. If yes, please share it with your pet-owner friends and help them in learning the best practices and how they can make most out of with their dog and enjoy this summer.

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Written by Himanshu Tripathi

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